Email Setup

E-mail set-up instructions


As of June 22, 2015, your email settings should be as follows:
 Incoming POP3 server should be:
                         Outgoing SMTP server should be:

 Username:  <username>
 If using POP3, your Incoming Port = 110
 If using IMAP, your Incoming Port = 143

 Use SSL:   False or None

 Outgoing SMTP Port = 587

 Use SSL:   False or None

 Use Authentication:   True (use email address and password)
 Web access:

Online access will take you to Magic Mail.  There are many ways to customize how that page looks and responds.  We have found it to be more user friendly than Gmail, but we know everyone's needs and likes are different.  If you need help making it work for you, please don't hesitate to call our business office at 564-5000.  We will be happy to help you in any way we can.

NOTE:  The following email domains are also hosted at Incoming emails to <username> and <username> should work automatically when settings to emails are changed.