Before calling MaineStream, please follow these steps:

Confirm that your service is active.
a) Check to see that your modem has two (2) solid lights and a third (3rd) light that flashes intermittently. If it does, that usually means the signal is reaching you. A steady slow blink with no change in speed means the modem is not seeing a signal.
b) If MaineStream provided you with filters for your phone lines:

Check to see that filters are placed EVERYWHERE a phone jack is in use.
Including Direct TV or Dish Network, Fax machines, etc.
DO NOT place a filter where your internet modem plugs into the phone jack.
(If MaineStream did not provide you with filters, you probably don’t need them.)

c) If the lights on your modem are not working properly, plug your modem directly into the jack on your NID on the outside of your building. The power light and one other light should come on steady after 20-30 seconds. If you get no light other than the power light, please contact MaineStream. If the lights work, this could indicate incorrect wiring between the Network Interface Device (NID) on the outside of your house, and your jack inside the house.
d) Make sure your cords to your modem, computer and/or router are plugged in all the way. They can come lose with vacuuming, dusting, feet kicking, pets, etc.
e) If your modem still does not receive a signal, please contact MaineStream.

If your modem appears ready, but you still cannot browse the Internet…
a) Make sure your cord from your modem to your computer and/or router are plugged in all the way. They can come lose with vacuuming, dusting, feet kicking, etc
b) If you have a wireless router, turn it off and wait 2 to 3 minutes before turning it back on. Routers often will stop working and just need to be restarted. This fixes 95% of the problems with an Internet connection.
c) If you still acquire no connection, try turning off your modem, turning off your router, and then turning off your computer. Wait 15 seconds and then turn everything back on in reverse order, starting with your computer.
d) Make sure your internet settings for this connection have been changed from dial-up to NEVER DIAL A CONNECTION.

If you still cannot connect to the Internet, contact MaineStream at 564-5000 with the information from your troubleshooting efforts.